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psyence » 6:15am 07-28-2019
carter » 8:18am 02-18-2019
hide chan u are in our hearts <3
itacore » 8:45pm 02-17-2019
Ryan FZed » 8:58pm 09-18-2018
I can't believe hide knows the King of Thailand we stan a true icon
maya » 8:43pm 09-18-2018
we are hide fans first and humans second
hk » 10:34pm 09-16-2018
HONESTLY this is so good?? it has the Aesthetic but is also genuinely informative... it's so good... thank you maybe i really will make one for gackt
seeka » 10:33pm 09-16-2018
hide is cute and so is this site
sydney » 10:33pm 09-16-2018
\m/ -___- \m/
Ryan FZed » 10:32pm 09-16-2018
hide is cute and valid
makmak!!! » 6:20pm 09-06-2018
nee hide chan!!!! \m/!!!
shodan » 4:47pm 09-06-2018
wow! this site r0x0rz